Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – British super model Naomi Campbell has penned an open letter to former President Jacob Zuma saying: "This isn't the South Africa I remember, and that millions of South Africans fought for." She was reacting to the wave of violence that swept through the Gauteng and [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) - The opposition Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP has urged former President Jacob Zuma to appear before the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.  Zuma, who publicly defied a Constitutional Court order to appear before the inquiry chaired by deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo, called for Zondo [...]
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Abuja, Nigeria (PANA) – President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday urged Nigerians to desist from making divisive statements that can threaten national security. President Buhari, who spoke at the launch of the 2021 Armed Forces Remembrance Day Emblem and Appeal Fund, also assured Nigerians that security will continue to be at the [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – The South African National Editors' Forum (SANEF) on Sunday expressed concern over threats to press freedom during the coronavirus pandemic and warned that jobs  are being lost in the media industry.   Marking World Press Freedom Day, it noted that journalists are regarded as designated essential [...]
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Port-Louis, Mauritius (PANA) - The Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) 2012, a UN initiative aimed at addressing the migration and development interconnections in practical and action-oriented ways, will take place in Mauritius 21-22 Nov., PANA reported Monday. PANA quoted a Mauritian government official as saying the forum, to be [...]
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Bamako, Mali (PANA) - Ex-France captain and UNDP Goodwill Ambassador Zinédine Zidane arrived in Bamako, Mali, Thursday evening to show support for global anti-poverty programmes. ''Today, I intend to offer my support. The victory against poverty depends on all of us,'' said Zidane, who retired from football in 2006. The [...]
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