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Afro-Arab Summit
Mauritius: Govt. intensifies enforcement action against use of plastic bags
2016-12-09 08:15:18
Port-Louis, Mauritius (PANA) - The Mauritian Environment Ministry has intensified its aggressive enforcement actions against people who are not abiding by the Banning of Plastics Bags Regulations, PANA learnt Friday from official sources. These re...Full text
Nelson Mandela
South Africa: South Africa marks third anniversary of Mandela's death
2016-12-05 11:46:42
Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – South Africa on Monday marked the third anniversary of the death of world statesman Nelson Mandela who played a pivotal road in ending Apartheid. The country’s first democratically-elected President died in 2013 at th...Full text

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  • UN: UNICEF says 535 million children living in crisis-hit countries
    New York, US (PANA) - As the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) prepares to mark the 70th anniversary of its work for the world's most vulnerable children, the UN agency on Friday issued a stark warning that despite significant progress, too many children are still being left behind, with nearly 535 million of them living in harsh conditions, lacking access to decent health, education and protection services.  2016-12-09 15:43:52  Full text...
  • UN: UN chief urges member states to end corruption
    New York, US (PANA) - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday said no country is immune to corruption, and every country bears a responsibility to end it, warning that corruption is a "broad barrier" in the path to world's achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.   2016-12-09 15:39:09  Full text...
African Air Transport (AFRAA)AFRAA
Senegal: AFRAA names ASKY ''Regional Carrier of the Year''
2016-12-01 13:46:24
Dakar, Senegal (PANA) – The Pan-African Airline with the largest network in West and Central Africa, ASKY, has got Airline of the Year Award for Regional Operations from the African Airlines Association (AFRAA), PANA reported Thursday. In a statem...Full text
African Gender Awards (Femmes Africa Solidarité/FAS)
US: Women working for rights and equality face growing challenges - UN experts
2016-11-26 05:40:10
New York, US (PANA) - Women who step up to defend human rights are facing worsening obstacles amid a global trend of fundamentalism and populism, a group of United Nations experts has warned. “In the face of rising populism and fundamentalisms and...Full text
Community of Sahelo - Saharan States (Cen-SAD)Community of Sahelo - Saharan States
Togo: Togo ratifies CEN-SAD revised treaty
2014-07-03 16:15:21
Lomé, Togo (PANA) – Togo has ratified the revised treaty of the Community of Sahelo-Saharan States (CEN-SAD), adopted on 16 February, 2013, by the conference of Heads of State and government from the organization, PANA learnt from official sources he...Full text
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