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International Women's Day: Vice-President pays tribute to Libyan women

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - The Vice-President of the Presidential Council, Moussa al-Kouni, has hailed Libyan women on the occasion of International Women's Day on Monday, urging them to contribute to the reconstruction of the country.

"I hail the Libyan woman, on this day...she must triumph for her fame and glory, and not accept exclusion or debasement, nor allow her to be humiliated in the queues in front of banks, or allow her child to die while waiting for medicine or to serve as fuel for lost battles," Mr al-Koumi said.

According to him, the woman is "the creator of life and the fortress of peace".

"How unfair we were in her right, how late we were in her rescue, how much hindrance was put to her ascent, and today the women of Libya are standing up for the battles of reconstruction, to revive the homeland and remove the debris of wars and internecine struggles, to plant the earth with thyme, jasmine and olives, for reunification and to trace the path of light and fire, for the saviour," he added.

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