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Interior minister urges Libyan police to develop the spirit of security in serving citizens

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - Libya's Interior  Minister in the Interior of the Government of National Accord, Fathi Bachagha, has  stressed the need for promoting "the spirit of security among employees of the ministry for the service of citizens and the fatherland".

Speaking at a meeting Monday with heads of police stations in the Tripoli municipality, Mr. Bachagha stressed "the need to maintain security, to extend and publicise it, and to protect the lives of citizens and public and private property."

According to a statement issued Tuesday. he also underlined the need "to correct gaps and shortfalls of all kinds in police stations  and to try and spread the spirit of cooperation among all workers in the police stations".

The minister called on "chiefs of police stations to show example of morality and generosity, and to put the national interest above all considerations, irrespective of regionalism".

Mr. Bachagha promised to provide police station chiefs with all the necessary capacities so that all stations in Libya attain the scientific techniques used in police stations in several countries around the world.

The Minister of the Interior paid a surprise visit to a number of police stations to assess the security situation, calling for precaution, prudence and discernment.

In his view, police stations should be a safe haven to which citizens can turn to if they feel threatened or report any offence affecting the security of the country and the citizen.

-0- PANA BY/JSG/BBA/AR 13Oct2020