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US supports AU demand for civilian-led transition of power in Chad

Washington, US (PANA) - The United States has thrown its weight behind recommendations of the African Union (AU) Peace and Security Council regarding Chad, calling for a civilian-led transition of power in Chad.

A statement on Friday by Ned Price, Spokesperson for the US State Department, said: "The United States supports the recommendations of the African Union Peace and Security Council regarding Chad, and we join the African Union and our international partners in calling for a peaceful, timely, and civilian-led transition of power to a democratically elected government before October 2022."

The US said the Chadian people "deserve an inclusive national dialogue where all stakeholders can come together to decide the future of their country".

The statement said Chad’s political transition should include a new national constitution, a concrete plan and timeline for elections, and support for strong institutions such as a representative National Assembly, an independent judicial system, and a reformed National Independent Electoral Commission.

"A representative, democratically elected government is the best path to long-term prosperity and stability in Chad and the region," the US said.

The statement said the US has long stood with the people of Chad in advocating for democratic, representative government, adding "we will continue to support the people of Chad, the African Union, and our international partners in advocating for a timely transition to elected, civilian government".

The AU Peace and Security Council has called for a democratic transition in Chad within 18 months following last month's military takeover after the death of President Idriss Déby Into, as it categorically rejected any extension of the transition period.

Chad's military council has promised to hold elections within 18 months.

The Council is led by Lt. Gen. Mahamat Idriss Déby, son of the president.

President Déby Itno was killed at the battlefront in the north of the country in a war against Chadian rebels.

-0- PANA MA 22 May 2021