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US says ongoing Sudanese-led political process offers 'best opportunity' to restore path to democracy

Washington, US (PANA) - The United States says the ongoing Sudanese-led political process offers the best opportunity to restore a path to democracy. 

This process is facilitated by the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission for Sudan, the African Union, and Intergovernmental Authority for Development and supported by Sudan’s friends.

"What that democracy looks like is for the Sudanese people to determine, but they have been clear in its core tenets:  it must be civilian-led and provide justice, prosperity, and peace," the US said in a statement marking the third anniversary of Sudan's sit-in protests. 

The statement issued by Mr. Ned Price, Spokesperson of the State Department, said the US "stands ready to resume paused assistance once a credible civilian-led government is in place".

The US noted that pro-democracy protests continue to this day, as the Sudanese people have yet to realise their goal, stressing that peaceful protests must be allowed to continue without fear of violence. 

"We reiterate our condemnation of the use of any violence against peaceful protesters and call on the security services to keep their word and hold accountable those responsible for abuses," the statement said.

The US also said it remains steadfast in its support for the Sudanese people and their quest for democracy. 

"We will continue to add our voice to bolster theirs and take action to assist them in creating a peaceful, democratic Sudan."

Three years ago, on 5 April, hundreds of thousands of Sudanese people embarked on a peaceful sit-in, demanding the opportunity to shape their country’s destiny. 

The sit-in included Sudanese from all walks of life and all parts of the country: doctors and farmers, women and youth, people hailing from different backgrounds and speaking different languages, the statement said. 

"Sudan’s peaceful protesters inspired the world with their courage and sacrifice."

The statement said the US shared their joy as Sudan began the difficult process of transitioning to democracy. 

The US said it later came to share their disappointment and sorrow when the Sudanese military disrupted that transition last October.

-0- PANA MA 6April2022