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US congratulates Ethiopian prime minister on Nobel peace prize

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA)  -  The United States of America has congratulated Ethiopia’s prime minister Dr Abiey Ahmed for receiving the Nobel Peace Prize for 2019 and commended the Nobel peace prize committee for recognizing the huge efforts made by the African leader.

US secretary of State Michael Pompeo issued a statement Saturday congratulating Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali, prime minister of Ethiopia, “on the prestigious honor of being the 100th recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize”.

“Prime Minister Abiy’s commitment to seeking peace on the African continent and ending conflict with Eritrea demonstrates courage, strength, and leadership.

“We celebrate this momentous occasion with the people of Ethiopia and the entire continent,” the statement said.

The statement said on.

It pointed out that today, there was a new generation of Africans filled with hope for a more prosperous and peaceful future.

“The Prime Minister’s efforts in strengthening democracy and peace in Africa inspire the world’s future leaders to become agents of positive change in their own regions. ”We commend the Nobel Committee for recognizing the extraordinary efforts of Dr. Abiy to advance peace and end conflict in our world," the statement added.


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