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US Congress adopts bill to support stability in Libya

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) – The US Congress on Wednesday adopted a bill "to support stability in Libya", Libyan local media reported on Thursday.

The Libyan newspaper, "Libya Observer", in its Thursday edition, said that the bill should define the US foreign policy for Libya, while supporting the diplomatic solution of the conflict shaking the country.

The bill calls on the White House to establish strategy with precise agenda to deal with the Libyan conflict, added the newspaper. 

The bill, adopted by the US Congress "to support stability in Libya", deals with several issues, including foreign interferences, the arms blockade, human rights, financial institutions, migration, oil trafficking and foreign terrorist groups.

The project reserved a large part to what it calls "the resolution of foreign interferences in Libya in their military and economic aspects".

The text also deals with the violation of the arms blockade and the UN Resolutions, particularly on the need to end foreign interferences in Libya and to impose sanctions on all those carrying out, helping and promoting those interferences.   

The draft bill also highlights the plan to take humanitarian aids for victims and stresses the reorganization of Libyan financial institutions and all government institutions. 

The bill calls the US Treasury Department on the establishment of technical support strategy necessary for the Libyan people, and this, in 90 days on the latest, from the date of the promulgation of the bill.

The bill stresses the need to support the UN Support Mission in Libya and to strongly impose sanctions on international and local parties, as well as the individuals of Libyan or foreign nationalities involved in the actions aiming to destabilize and sap the international mediation efforts or violate human rights or those involved in the Commission of war crimes, including attacks against civilian organisations and medical teams.     

The text lists a series of sanctions against the perpetrators of war crimes or financial crimes or again those who contributed to facilitate foreign interference or in money laundering and oil trafficking or sales outside legal installations. 

It calls to be firm with the perpetrators of human crimes against migrants and persons detained by force. The Commission of foreign affairs of the US House of Representatives had, in June, introduced amendments to the draft bill before submitting for same for examination.  

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