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Tunisian Parliament approves Tunisia's participation in UN Mission in CAR

Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) - The Assembly of Tunisian People's Representatives (Parliament) approved here Tuesday the participation of a rapid intervention unit in the United Nations Mission in the Central African Republic.

The Tunisian minister of National Defence, Brahim Bartagi, addressing the plenary session of the Parliament, said that the dispatch by Tunisia of forces abroad was part of the implementation of the country's international commitments relating to the values of solidarity and peace in the world.

"The participation of Tunisian missions in this kind of operation allows to strengthen the capacities of the national army and to develop its military expertise. This mission represents a practical exercise of the Tunisian armed forces against the background of international transformations and threats related to terrorism and organized crime," Mr. Bartagi said.

The number of missions in which Tunisia has participated, under the aegis of the United Nations, stands at 23, he said.

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