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Tunisair pilots seek greener pastures at Air Senegal

Tunis, Tunisia (PANA) - Due to a difficult financial situation, a number of Tunisair pilots are obliged to leave the country and head for foreign airlines that are much more attractive, lucratively speaking, revealed the president of the Tunisian Federation of Line Pilots (FTPL), Karim Elloumi.

In an interview with the electronic newspaper "Africanmanager", Elloumi explained that there were Tunisian pilots who had joined other African airlines, including Air Senegal, where their skills are in great demand.

This necessarily translates, he stressed, into big losses in terms of human resources, pilots and technicians alike, due to the difficult financial conditions of the Tunisian national company, which has negatively affected the salaries of its employees.

"Let's make a simple comparison with neighbouring countries: the salary of a pilot in Tunisia is only half that of his colleague at Air Algérie, and about a third of the salary of his colleague at Royal Air Maroc," he lamented.