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Tunisair flight arrives at Maitigua airport in Tripoli after seven years of interruption

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - A Tunisian airline, Tunisair, Monday landed at the international Maitigua airport, eastern suburb of the capital, the first flight of the airline to Libya after seven years of interruption.  

Early in the day, the Tunisair flight TU 417 landed at Benina airport in Benghazi where it was received by jets of water from Libyan firemen as a sign of welcome.

At Maitigua airport, a ceremony was held yo welcome the arrival of the first flight of Tunisair at the airport, in the presence of the Tunisian ambassador in Libya and the director of the international Maitigua airport, according to an official source.

In 2014, following the deterioration of security in the Libyan capital after clashes between armed groups in Tripoli, and the incident of the international Tripoli airport, several international airlines, including Tunisair, decided to suspend their flights to Libya.

The embassies and diplomatic missions and representations of international organisations also left the city before coming back, with the return of stability in the country.   

The Tunisian airline - Tunisair - will carry out one flight per day, Tunis-Maitigua-Tunis, and three weekly flights Tunis - Benina - Tunis, according to the calendar released by the international Maitigua airport.

In early May, Tunisair opened a sales office at the international Maitigua airport within the framework of the preparations for the return of flights to Libya.

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