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Togolese in America urge African countries to be concerned about developments in the country

Dakar, Senegal (PANA) - Togolese in the US have urged African countries to be concerned about the situation in their country, stressing that the West African country "is a battlefield for Africa's future".

Africans should therefore not be indifferent to the fight that Togolese are waging for constitutional and institutional reforms before any election, so as to ensure peaceful change in governments, establish rule of law, democracy and good governance.

In a document received on Wednesday in Dakar by PANA entitled, "Osez hausser le ton" (Dare increase the voice), the Togolese diaspora in the US said Togo was the first African country to experience a coup in 1963. It is also the first to have the son of a president to succeed him and constitutional reforms that allow them to stay in power forever.

Following no reaction from other African countries, these practices have become the norm on the continent, the Togolese diaspora said, and urged Africans to be concerned about what is currently going on in the country, as it fears this could become the rule in Africa.

"Of the 58 years of independence of the country, Togolese have been fighting for 55 years for one thing: to freely choose and replace their leaders and in a transparent manner," said the document. The Togolese also criticised the international community including the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), European Union, US, UN and the African Union which had not kept their promise of justice.

"Togolese are asking neither your money nor your properties. They only need your moral support," they said, adding that they need assistance to break from the order that supports a life presidency in Togo.

"You can help the Togolese people by calling or sending a letter to the ECOWAS president, the Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari (current chairman of ECOWAS) and to the presidents of member countries.

"Ask them to support the Togolese people for political alternation (in government). Tell them that the Togolese people expect impartiality from them and from the international community. Tell ECOWAS member countries' presidents and the president of that institution that what is happening in Togo will be the norm. Togo is the battlefield of African dignity. And everyone should worry about what is going on in a battlefield," the document said.
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