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Tanzania: President Kikwete asks Tanzanian Diaspora to explore markets, investments abroad

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (PANA) - Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete has challenged his compatriots in the Diaspora to scout for markets for the country's products abroad and for investors to make use of opportunities in the East African country.

"Foreign investments are vital for the country's progress and the growth of the economy largely relies on market expansion for what is produced in the country," the president has told the first 'Diaspora Homecoming Conference' underway here.

The two-day gathering has brought together participants from 17 countries, including the United Kingdom, Poland, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Cambodia, Singapore, and the United States.

Organised by the Tanzania Diaspora Initiative in collaboration with the government, the meeting is regarded as an opportunity for creating a network that will allow for Tanzanians from all backgrounds in the Diaspora to connect and engage with one another, grow and possibly learn from each other.

According to the conference organisers, the Tanzanian Diaspora believe that effective networking across many communities in Tanzania and within the Tanzanian diaspora is essential in forming a unified action-based institution.

"If the Diaspora do not bother to look for 'tools of development’ including capital, Tanzania’s development will stagnate," Kikwete told the meeting at its opening late Thursday.

“We need markets for our crops, we need technical skills, and capital…all these are found abundantly in developed countries where you (Diaspora) live. Help us find them so that our country can also develop,” the President said.
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