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Sudan FM tours African states to rally support for Khartoum's stands on the Renaissance Dam

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) – Sudan on Monday quoted the current chair of the African Union, President Félix Tshisekedi of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as saying that a legally-binding agreement on the Ethiopian Renaissance Dam has to be reached by Khartoum, Cairo and Addis Ababa to help overcome the current impasse between the three countries.

Sudan Foreign Minister, Dr. Mariam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi, currently on visit to Congo as part of an African tour to promote Khartoum's position on the issue, was received on Monday by the President Tshisekedi to whom she conveyed a verbal message from Sudanese Prime Minister, Abdalla Hamdouk.

In a statement by Sudanese official news agency, Dr Mariam said she underlined in her meeting with President Tshisekedi Sudan's keenness to strengthen relations with the Democratic Republic of Congo.

She said she has also expressed Sudan's confidence on the ability of President Tshisekedi to lead the African Union in its current session and to “deal seriously and in responsibility with the Renaissance Dam’s dossier and to sponsor the negotiations.”

The minister indicated that Sudan accords the question of the second filling of the Renaissance Dam utmost concern, as it is a national security issue that threatens the lives of the millions of Sudanese people living on the banks of the Blue Nile.

She stressed the need to reach a comprehensive and binding legal agreement between the three countries regarding the rules for filling and operating the dam before next June.

She said President Tshisekedi has expressed his understanding of Sudan's position and its clear demands, affirming that he will exert every effort to find a solution to the crisis in a way that achieves security and stability in the region.

Ethiopia judges it has no obligation to reach a binding legal agreement with the two down river states for it to pursue the filling of the dam in the second stage.

The first stage is already completed to the chagrin of Cairo and Khartoum.

Sudan and Egypt are vehemently opposed to the second filling and are threatening to take the matter to the Security Council. Addis turned a deaf ear so far.

Sudan, as part of its campaign to rally African support, sent its articulate Minister, Dr Mariam, on a tour that took her so far to Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and now Congo

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