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Sudan: Eight persons killed, 18 wounded in tribal clashes

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - At least eight persons were killed and 18 others injured in clashes between Salamat and Habbaniyah Arab tribes in South Darfur over cattle rustling, Khartoum newspapers reported on Tuesday.

Reporting from Nyala, Al-Sudani newspaper said the clashes erupted in Buram Locality of South Darfur State, near the border with Central African Republic, though it stopped short of stating which one of the two tribes started the fight nor did it indicate the number of victims on each side.

It quoted the Deputy Governor of the State, Sabil Ahmed Sabil, as saying the authorities on Monday dispatched the Armed Forces to the venue of the clashes to separate the two sides.

A mediation committee of the Deputy Speaker of the State's Legislative Council and leaders of the native administration will go there on Tuesday for reconciliation talks between the two tribes, the Deputy Governor said.

The new clash brings back memories of at least two bloody clashes that led to the death of at least 40 people and injury of dozens of others since 2012, with several reconciliation conferences and mediation concluded, only for the fighting to be renewed.
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