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Sudan: Army officer killed, others wounded in fighting with outlaws in Darfur

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - An officer of the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF), Lt. Abdulla al-Tayeb Abdulla, was killed and many others, including a Lieutenant Colonel, were wounded in clashes against outlaws on Thursday in Bursa area, east of Fashir, capital of North Darfur State.

News reports reaching Khartoum from Fashir, about 750 km west of Khartoum, on Friday said the streets of Fashir city were deserted while the sound of bullets and heavy weapons was heard, especially in Bursa area.

A press statement by the North Darfur Governor, Abdul Wahid Yusuf, on Friday said the security authorities monitored a group of outlaws that committed a number of crimes in Fashir and upon receiving reports and information, the security committee took measures to clear them from the area.

The Governor added that a joint force of the army, police and security engaged in fighting with the group of outlaws and inflicted casualties, killed and wounded many of them.

The Governor said in his press statement that was also carried by Khartoum newspapers on Friday that the security situation in Fashir is now under control and that the security committee has imposed measures to secure the city, including banning the driving of cars with tinted glasses those without number plates in addition to the establishment of check-points along the streets.

The State-run news agency, SUNA, said clashes erupted on Thursday morning between Sudanese government forces and unspecified armed elements, described as “unruly elements” in Bursa area, east of North Darfur capital Fashir.

Fashir is the largest of the five regional capital in Darfur. It is also the seat of the African Union United Nations peace keeping forces (UNAMID) in the Sudan.

This is the first incidence of violence reported in the town for many years as the government said the area was now secure and free of any rebellion.
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