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President Mahama’s call for love, former first lady’s party reported in Ghana

Accra, Ghana (PANA) – The call by President John Dramani Mahama for love, when he addressed Muslims at the Eid-Ul-Fitr prayers on Sunday, and preparations of the party said to be sponsored by former first lady Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings were some of the stories that were highlighted by the media in Ghana this week.

The media also reported the challenge by Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom, leader of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP), a small centre-left party, to his rivals to provide incorruptible leadership.

The headline of the state-owned Ghanaian Times on the president’s address during the Eid-Ul-Fitr prayers was “President Mahama’s sermon: Let love prevail.”

The story said the president asked Ghanaians to love one another and also sustain the prevailing religious harmony and peaceful coexistence.

He said a single underpinning principle of all religions the world over was love noting, “we must love our brothers and sisters as ourselves”.

President Mahama said the peace and goodwill for which the month of Ramadan was noted should be expressed throughout the year.

The state-owned Graphic had the headline “Reject religious strife – President admonishes Ghanaians.”

It said president Mahama urged Ghanaians to maintain the prevailing peaceful coexistence among them and reject strife being experienced in many countries.

He said peaceful coexistence between the two major religions - Islam and Christianity – had maintained peace and stability in the country, to the extent that they participated in the activities of each other.

President Mahama said the lack of tolerance among the various religious groups in other countries was the cause of conflict in those countries.

The Ghanaian Times had another story on the Eid-Ul-Fitr under the headline “Veep calls for cooperation.”

It said vice president Kwesi Amissah-Arthur reiterated government’s commitment to the development of Muslim communities and called for their cooperation towards national progress when he addressed Muslims at another Eid prayer.

“It is my hope that all Muslim communities, irrespective of their party and ethnic background, will unite and support the government to promote development.

“Konadu hits road” was the headline of the pro-opposition Daily Guide on the former first lady’s party.

It said the presentation of a provisional certificate to the leadership of the National Democratic Party (NDP) by the Electoral Commission (EC) last week had “triggered a flurry of activities within the ranks of the new party, and raised the adrenaline level of the grouping”.

It said the flurry of activities had been fueled by the burning need to meet the EC deadline for presenting the party’s presidential and parliamentary candidates to contest the forthcoming polls.

The newspaper said among a host of activities that were being undertaken was the branding of its campaign vehicles, including newly acquired pick-ups, in NDP colours, and the acquisition of a modern edifice in the heart of the capital city of Accra, as its national headquarters.

It said what was still not clear was who would lead the party as its presidential candidate into the 2012 general elections in December.

“The name of former First Lady and President of the 31st December Women’s Movement (DWM), Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings has come up as the likely flag bearer of the new party, though she has not responded to speculations of being the brain behind the party’s formation,” the Daily Guide said.

“Nduom dares aspirants to provide incorruptible leadership,” was the headline of the Graphic on his challenge to his rivals.

The newspaper said the flag-bearer of the PPP had challenged his competitors in the 2012 election to demonstrate their willingness to provide incorruptible and competent leadership.

He has promised to make public his income tax returns, assets, health status and the PPP’s sources of funding ahead of the December election, and invited the other flag bearers to accept the challenge for similar pledges to demonstrate their commitment to the fight against corruption.

“Those who respond to my challenge are serious. And those who refuse are the ones playing political games with your future…. If the candidate for your preferred party does not step up and respond to these challenges, we welcome you to support the Progressive People’s Party in the 2012 election,” he said at a news conference in Accra.
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