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President Barrow vows to transform Gambian army into professional force

Banjul, Gambia (PANA)   -   President Adama Barrow Saturday renewed his pledge to transform The Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) into a professional force that conforms to international standards.

The president, presiding over the promotion and decoration of 39 officers from The Gambia Armed Forces   held at the State House, stated that the military was an integral part of his development agenda for the country.

Thirty-six officers were promoted from the rank of captain to major, and the rest from major to the lieutenant-colonels.

The officers were reported to have gone through examination and only those who passed were deemed deserving of the promotion.

PANA reports that, in the past, promotions in The Gambia Armed Forces were not based on merit but on subjective considerations that favoured some sections of the army whilst delineating many deserving ones.

“I assure you that we will not relent until we have a professional and very well motivated Army that can match other armies around the world. I am aware of the efforts being undertaken to set up a military academy here. This is one of the best drivers towards achieving our Security Sector Reform,” he told the promoted officers. 

President Barrow further assured them that government would continue to collaborate with, and provide support to the relevant stakeholders to move the national Security Sector Reform agenda forward  – an important element of which is to have vibrant, effective and legitimate Armed Forces that is transparent, subordinate and accountable to civilian authority.

He added that the country needed a force that was responsive to the needs and aspirations of the people; and, a Force whose actions were firmly rooted within the rule of law and international standards.

  President Barrow said his government had engaged international partners for training assistance, revealing that The Gambia Armed Forces were currently benefiting from various training opportunities across the world.

He noted that this would contribute to improve the competence of members of the armed forces.

Reports gleaned by PANA indicated that the officers promoted came from different disciplines of the armed forces, ranging from civil, marine and aeronautical engineering, health, IT, infantry, to intelligence, among several others.

The Officers took the oaths of service, secrecy, and loyalty to authority, state and the people.


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