Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – The Helen Suzman Foundation (HSF) on Wednesday launched an application to declare that the decision to grant former President Jacob Zuma medical parole is unlawful and is set aside. This follows a previous application by the official opposition Democratic Alliance (DA) challenging Correctional Services department [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – A South African businessman has filed an application in the North Gauteng High Court against Malawian prophet, Shepherd Bushiri, claiming that the fugitive pastor has failed to pay him for a US$5 million contract. Anele Beke claims he was recruited to create an online platform [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – A group of Mozambican civil society organisations (CSOs) have approached the North Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg, South Africa, to stop the extradition of Mozambique's former Finance Minister, Manuel Chang. It believes he will not stand trial in Maputo where he has been heavily implicated [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – The United States on Wednesday expressed its disappointment at South Africa's decision to extradite former Mozambican Finance minister Manuel Chang to Maputo. South Africa’s Justice ministry earlier this week confirmed that Chang would be handed over to Mozambican authorities after languishing in a Johannesburg jail [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – A group calling for the release of former President Jacob Zuma from prison has urged the International Criminal Court (ICC) to act against South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, his Cabinet and several ministers and generals. The #FreeJacobZuma movement accuses them of crimes against humanity in [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – There has been widespread reaction to the Constitutional Court decision to sentence former President Jacob Zuma to 15-months imprisonment for contempt of court. The ruling, handed down on Tuesday, made headlines around the world. It marked the first time that a former President has been [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – The Western Cape High Court has ordered Equatorial Guinea’s Vice President Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue to pay a South African man US$2.74 million in damages. This is after Daniel Janse van Rensburg was jailed and tortured in Equatorial Guinea's Black Beach prison in 2013 and [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – The Commission of Inquiry into State Capture on Monday asked the Constitutional Court to sentence former South Africa President Jacob Zuma to two years behind bars for contempt. This is after he defied its ruling that he appear before the commission and answer non-incriminating questions. In [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – Former President Jacob Zuma of South Africa on Monday said he would not be participating in the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture’s urgent Constitutional Court case compelling him to testify before the commission next year. The commission lodged an urgent application on 3 December, [...]
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Tunis,Tunisia (PANA) - Human rights groups have hailed Morocco's highest court for examining the case of 19 Sahrawi men imprisoned since 2010 after violent clashes with the police. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International said on Sunday that a verdict is expected on November 25. The men are serving sentences of 20 [...]
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Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - Rwanda's former Prosecutor General, Jean Bosco Mutangana, has been released a few days after his  arrest last week over forged judicial documents, the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) spokesperson, Thierry Murangira, confirmed  in a statement on Tuesday in Kigali. The RIB said that Mutangana was released on Monday, [...]
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Kigali, Rwanda (PANA)  - Rwanda Public Prosecution Authority on Friday confirmed the arrest of former minister of education and head of several Government agencies, Dr Daphrose Gahakwa, on corruption charges. Gahakwa is accused of "wrongful exercise of public service" for the alleged mismanagement of public funds, judicial reports said. The prosecution authority [...]
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Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) -   Rwanda's former  Presidential Guard commander, Col. Tom Byabagamba who was recently sentenced to 15 years in jail, is now accused of "stealing a mobile phone in court", a judicial source revealed on Monday in Kigali. Byabagamba, who was arrested in 2014, said he found the lost phone [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – The inquest into the 1982 death of anti-Apartheid activist Dr Neil Aggett will re-convene on 20 January in the Gauteng High Court. Aggett was found hanged in his cell at the notorious Johan Vorster Square Police Station where many other liberation heroes lost their lives. The [...]
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Bamako, Mali (PANA) - The trial of Capt. Amadou Aya Sanogo, who led the coup d'état that overthrew Malian President Amadou Toumani Touré in 2012, and his co-defendants, including Fousseïny Diarra, has been postponed to a future session of the criminal court, according to a press release issued on Thursday [...]
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Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - Rwandan media owner and manager of Kigali-based GoodRich TV, who disappeared recently while being sought by Rwandan justice over his alleged involvement in assaulting a female employee, has on his own surrendered to the police, a judicial source confirmed on Friday in Kigali. Dr Francis Habumugisha, vanished [...]
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Kigali, Rwanda (PANA) - Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) has rrested a Nigerian lecturer, currently serving at the University of Rwanda, Nyagatare Campus in North Eastern Rwanda, over an allegation of defilement, according to local media reports in the region on Sunday. The suspect who was identified by RIB as Dr. John [...]
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Cape Town, South Africa (PANA) – South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, on Saturday joined the chorus of condemnation following the deadly terrorist attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Friday.   The attack left 49 people dead and another 20 seriously injured.   "The government and the people of South Africa convey [...]
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