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No alternative to dialogue to resolve Libyan crisis, says FM

Moscow, Russia (PANA) - The Libyan minister of foreign affairs of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mohamed Siala, said here Wednesday there was no alternative to dialogue to find solution to the Libyan crisis.

In a joint news conference with his Russian counterpart, Serguei Lavrov, at the end of a working visit, Siala expressed the hope of his government to no longer see the support or encouragement to "the breaking out of the war again in Libya".

He insisted on the need to move forward with determination towards dialogue, in accordance with the political, military, economic and security inclusive process, as set out by the Berlin Conference and in application of the resolutions of the UN Security Council.

On that occasion, Siala hailed the different and continued efforts and projects made by the UN, international and regional organisations for the success of this dialogue.

About the meetings of the Libyan 5+5 joint military committee and the progress made, the head of diplomacy of the Tripoli government called on the Russian party to support the decisions of the committee, particularly the withdrawal of foreign fighters from the Libyan territory, reaffirming the need to honor the commitments made in that respect.

He warned against the approaches adopted under the pretext of "fight against terrorism", saying this put Libya in this present situation and caused fighting between foreign powers on its soil.

In this regard, he declared: "People previously talked about light and middle-caliber weapons, today they talk about fighter and strategic jets".

Siala called on all parties who believed in a military solution in Libya "to reconsider their calculations and get closer to the other parties" in a bid to back the political and peaceful solution and help evacuate foreign fighters from the country.

With regard to the resumption of oil pumping and export operations, the minister insisted on the need that this was profitable for all the Libyan people and that the revenues were used for all Libyans, stressing that the Government of National Accord was preparing for a unified budget for all Libya, without any region being marginalized so that the revenues from the oil were used to develop all parties in the country.

In that respect, he expressed his satisfaction with the resumption of the activities of the board of directors of the Libyan central bank and its decision to determine the exchange rate for the local currency.

Siala insisted on the importance of the support by Russia for all dialogues so as to contribute to achieve security and stability all over the Libyan national territory.

The Russian minister of foreign affairs expressed the determination of his country to contribute to the end of fighting on the Libyan territory, saying that the end of fighting would facilitate the activation of the political dialogue process and the achievement of stability.

He called on all parties to respect the decisions of the Libyan military committee (5+5).


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