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Niger adopts law on consumer protection

Niamey, Niger (PANA) - The National Assembly of Niger on Monday adopted a law on offences and sanctions in the field of consumer protection in the country, PANA learned from parliamentary sources.

The law complements that of 2015, which laid down the fundamental principles of consumer protection and its implementing decree which gave it the objective of offering Nigerien consumers optimal security and reliable information on goods and services, protecting consumers against certain forms of sales as well as the unfair behavior of traders.

The latest law will determine the infringements and the sanctions incurred by any offender in the matter of consumer protection in Niger.

At the end of this voting process, the government commissioner, the Minister of Commerce, Sadou Seydou, thanked the deputies for "this massive vote'', adding that ''this law concerns all consumers as well of services than Goods''.

''By voting for it, you allow the government, on the one hand, to complete the legal system put in place in this area and on the other hand to harmonize our legislation with the instruments of the West African Economic Monetary Union (UEMOA)," he continued.

Minister Sadou Seydou assured the national deputies that a wide dissemination of this law will be made so that people can understand the scope and act accordingly.

-0- PANA SA/BEH/KND/VAO 21Oct2019