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Niger: Maradi region registers some 36,000 new refugees from Nigeria

Maradi, Niger (PANA) - More than 36,000 new refugees from Nigeria have converged on the Maradi region of Niger, fleeing the atrocities of armed bandits, kidnappers and cattle thieves in the northern states of Nigeria bordering the region of Maradi, the Nigerien News Agency reported on Thursday, citing regional authorities.

"The situation is, however, under control, but it is much more worrying in the department of Guidan Roumdji and better managed in the department of Madarounfa," said the governor of Maradi region, Zakari Oumaru, at a meeting of the regional security council. 

''The government of Nigeria is conducting operations on our border alone. In view of this, it is necessary that we take steps to secure our border. Hence the participation in this meeting of the members of the departmental councils of these two departments," said Oumaru.

For the governor, it is a question of taking the necessary measures to face it. He announced, however, that "the situation is under control" and "the intensification of departmental patrols and the strengthening of military positions" is continuing.

In addition to the kidnappers and other cattle thieves, the border between Nigeria and Niger is facing constant attacks by Boko Haram elements who raid the area.

-0- PANA SA/BEH/KND/VAO 4June2020