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New British High Commissioner pledges economic growth for Gambia

Banjul, Gambia (PANA) - David Belgrove(OBE), the new British High Commissioner to The Gambia, Monday pledged economic growth to create opportunities that will spur investment for the Gambia.

He made this statement when he called on the minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Gambians Abroad, Dr. Mamadou Tangara, to present his letters of credentialsto him here.

Belgrove said his government intended to initiate a UK- Gambia investment event that will bring results to both countries.

He said he was committed to closely work with the government of The Gambia to bring more results to the Gambian people.

Dr. Tangara expressed the readiness of the government to continue collaborating with the United Kingdom to consolidate gains registered since the advent of the new democratic dispensation in 2017.

He also expressed optimism that the High Commissioner’s tour of duty would be fruitful to both countries.

The two also discussed ways and means of strengthening the already cordial bilateral relations between The Gambia and the United Kingdom.

The Foreign Minister also received the new UNICEF Representative to The Gambia, Gordon Jonathan, who handed his letters of credentials to the minister.

He commended Jonathan and expressed confidence that he would do well considering his wealth of experience in Latin America and other parts of the world.

He also informed the new UNICEF representative that the government of The Gambia was committed to the welfare of women and children. This, he added was the rationale behind the creation of the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Children and Social Welfare.

Jonathan stated his organisation’s readiness to collaborate and support The Gambia in ensuring quality life for children.

He also expressed delight at the minister’s assurance that the government would cordially work with UNICEF in realising quality life for children, especially those between the ages of seven and 14.

He said his organisation was already working with the government in the area of child protection, back-to-school programme and ensuring the safety of children and their families.

These, he said, would ensure child survival and protection in the country.


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