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Need for global solution for peace in eastern DRC

Kinshasa, DR Congo (PANA) - The chief of the UN Mission for DR Congo’s stability (MONUSCO), Leila Zerrougui, Monday expressed the need for global solution to brinrg peace and stability back to eastern DR Congo.

This was contained in a statement issued to the press at the end of a working visit to Ituri in northern Kivu provinces.

According to Zerrougui, the political and community leaders of the parties to the conflicts are responsible for the return of peace and stability.

She said the objective of MONUSCO was to work with the leaders and their respective communities to eradicate the conflicts, particularly land conflicts.

In the areas she visited, Beni and Kiwandja, in North-Kivu, the chief of MONUSCO worked with human rights organisations, the civil society, and those working on key issues and the global solution to the instability and insecurity prevailing in the East of the country.

On that occasion, she made an urgent appeal to those actors to help rebuild peace together with the United-Nations and populations themselves.

“No one will resolve the problem of the other,” Mrs Zerrougui said.

To a question on the actions of MONUSCO often raised by democratic organisations and the media in DRC, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General said that there was need to call into question some actions and assess results.

“Global solution is necessary with the UN and the African Union, thanks to whom many things can be resolved, but also with the help of indigenous populations,” she said.  

At the end of her discussions Friday with the Governor of Ituri, Martin Chalo Dudu, in Bunia, Mrs Zerrougui reaffirmed the commitment of her organisation to support the central and provincial government on the thorny issue of community integration of ex-combatants turn the page of the blackmail of armed groups.

“We made several pleas on this issue of community integration because we want to turn the page of armed groups who take weapons to then say ‘I want to be General, I want to be reintegrated into the army’,’’ she said.

In a  bid to end the endless cycle at the basis of the multiplication of armed groups in the east of the country, Mrs Zerrougui said it was essential that a job at the local level must be done for the identification of the real problems that generated conflicts to integrate the ex-combatants into their communities to bring back peace that required justice and development.


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