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Mozambique to create Consumers' Institute

Maputo- Mozambique (PANA) -- The Mozambican government is preparing to create a C onsumers' Institute, with the task of promoting policies to safeguard consumers' rights.
The idea to create the institution was contained in a Bill on the Defence of Con sumers, discussed by the Cabinet on Tuesday, which will now be submitted to the c ountry's parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, for approval.
Government spokesperson, Deputy Education Minister Luis Covane, told reporters t he idea behind the creation of the institute is to improve people's quality of l i fe by safeguarding consumers' rights.
With this bill, the government intends to harmonise, unify and reform all existi ng laws on protecting consumers.
Covane said some of the consumers' rights contained in the bill concern the qual ity of goods and services, protection of life, health and physical security, acc e ss to justice and protection against deceitful and abusive advertising.
According to him, the purpose of defending the consumer is not merely to punish offenders but also to raise awareness among manufacturers and suppliers of goods and services, about their duties.
"Protecting people's rights implies explaining to the manufacturers and supplier s that by acting correctly they are respecting the consumers and widening their m arket, thus contributing to the country's development," he said.