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More than 100 pct of children under five vaccinated in Niger – Ministry of Public Health

Niamey, Niger (PANA)  -  More than 100 percent of children from zero to five months have been vaccinated in a campaign in Niger, the immunization service at the Nigerien Public Health ministry told PANA here Sunday.

"The vaccination campaign ended with a note of satisfaction," the director of the data management services at the public ministry, Ide Hinsa, told the press, adding that on poliomyelitis, out of a target of 5,883,199 children from zero to 59 months, 6,175,808 children had been vaccinated, giving a coverage of 105 percent.

‘’With regard to the Vitamin A supplementation, out of the target of 5,170,238 children, 5,395,477 were concerned, or 104%’’.

The campaign recorded several difficulties during the anti-polio vaccination campaign coupled with the decontamination and supplementation in Vitamin A, particularly insecurity, the inaccessibility of certain zones, climate contingencies, vast lands and difficult terrain.

The campaign was also marked by strong mobility of populations, difficulties in the transmission of data and sharing with the different actors for lack of reliable internet connection.

The objective of the vaccination campaign is to offer an integrated package of high debit intervention to contribute to the reduction of morbidity and mortality among under-five children.


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