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Malian media regulatory body hails professionalism of journalists

Bamako, Mali (PANA) - The High Authority for Communication (HAC), the media regulatory authority in Mali, has praised the professionalism of the audiovisual and print media in covering the socio-political crisis facing Mali, urging them to persevere in this direction, in a statement obtained on Friday to PANA.

"Our country has been experiencing an unprecedented socio-political crisis for several months. The media coverage of events by the press has so far been in line with the ethics, and texts that govern the field of communication in Mali," said the president of the institution, Fodié Touré, congratulating the media for the sense of responsibility and professionalism they have still shown.

With a view to calming the social climate and promoting social cohesion, the HAC asked the press organs to give priority to messages calling on the population for calm, restraint, national unity and social cohesion.

The regulatory body, which chairs the Platform of Audiovisual Regulators of the member countries of the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU), said it was convinced that the Malian press, which respects the rules that govern it, will once again be at the rendezvous of Mali's history.

It recommended banning all speeches and messages that incite hatred and violence.

Thanks to the setting up of a monitoring centre more than a year ago, the High Authority for Communication in Mali has been able to monitor and analyse the Malian media coverage of the legislative elections (March-April 2020) and the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

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