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Malian government urged to address situation of Malians living abroad

Bamako, Mali (PANA)     -    The high council for the Malian Diaspora (CSDM) Tuesday called on the Malian government to address the dramatic situation of Malians living in Mauritania, Algeria and France.

In a statement issued here, the CSDM noted that, for months, Malians in Mauritania had been living in a ‘’man hunt’’ situation.

It said 120 people, including Malians, were slaughtered and arrested in Libya, more than 60 arrested in Algeria and about 20 others expelled in France.

"Against such dramatic situation, the silence of the Malian authorities becomes unacceptable. Our objective is to make all arrangements so that the highest authorities of our country hear the appeal made by our brilliant economic compatriots (alluding to the migrants) hit in their dignity," said the statement.

According to the statement, Malians living in Mauritania, have for months, been living in a situation of “man hunt” which the CSDM denounced and asked the authorities to investigate.

The statement said after waiting for some time without any reaction or commitment from officials, the CSDM, through its local representative, succeeded in easing the fear and worry of Malians in that country.

This, it said, followed the intervention of the authorities for holders of the CSDM membership cards, thereby saving them from possible repatriation and detention.

"We thought that the governmental authorities of our country would undertake the appropriate actions towards that fellow-nation, to relieve the permanent suffering of the daily detentions of our compatriots. We regret noting that nothing was done and worse of it, the situation deteriorated and generalized with more and more dramatic detention conditions," said leaders of the CSDM.

With regard to Libya, the CSDM said the situation was more and more worrying and even unsustainable, adding that the black African populations, in their entirety, were not considered, as 120 people among them were recently arrested and slaughtered as sacrificial goats, without any public reaction proportionate to the drama. 

According to the statement, CSDM was directly victim, with the assassination of its chairman in Tripoli, Aliou N’Daou.

It added that the black African populations in Libya were living in fear that isolated them and led them to a semi-illegal situation to escape death with their families.

Since 13 July, the CSDM said Malians living in Algeria had been seriously affected with the aggravation of the security situation in that country.


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