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Libyan PM Al-Dbaiba announces Committee to draft electoral law and constitutional basis for election

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - Libyan Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity (GNU), Mr. Abdelhamid Al-Dbaiba, has announced that he has ordered the formation of an expanded national committee composed of independent personalities from different Libyan regions to conduct a national dialogue on the draft electoral law and constitutional rule.

In a speech at the fourth ordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers on Sunday in Tripoli, Mr. Al-Dbaiba added that this committee must collect comments on this electoral law and the constitutional basis for the election to finalise it before submitting it to the party to endorse and approve them.

"We affirm that the completion of the elections is a national agenda that must be accomplished, and we have no choice but to hold presidential and parliamentary elections," the Libyan Prime Minister stressed during his speech.

To counter the process launched by Parliament through the adoption of an amendment to the Constitutional Declaration, Mr. Al-Dbaiba proposed a plan to break the deadlock after the postponement of the elections of 24 December, called "Restoring Confidence in the People", based on holding parliamentary elections and a referendum on the draft Constitution for next June.

Parliament's process is focused on the formation of a committee with the High Council of State to revise the draft constitution and the holding of general elections within 14 months with the formation of a government headed by former Interior Minister, Fathi Bachagha.

Mr. Al-Dbaiba explained on Sunday that the consensus today is embodied by the Libyans' will to strengthen legitimacy and consolidate democracy through elections.

He said he has had several contacts with various international parties over the past days, assuring that they all agreed that elections are the solution and these cannot be bypassed.

Mr. Al-Dbaiba added: "We will not accept a deal between those in power under the guise of consensus. Today, the consensus is the Libyans and the elections," referring to the agreement between the parliament and the High State Council which was seen as an attempt to extend their mandates but which the latter ended up disowning by voting against the constitutional amendment and the formation of a new government.

Mr. Al-Dbaiba also ordered all ministries to provide the necessary services and facilities required by citizens on the occasion of the approaching month of Ramadan, the Muslim fasting month scheduled for early April.

The Prime Minister of the GNU also ordered the Municipal Guard to cooperate with the concerned authorities to monitor and control prices throughout the country.

The Ministry of Finance should also coordinate with all parties and agencies to pay salaries, subsidies and allowances to the components of the society in a timely manner.

"I call on all ministries to focus on solving the obstacles faced by citizens, to get closer to them and listen to them permanently and continuously," Mr. Al-Dbaiba stressed.

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