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Libya's dialogue, countdown to the Political Talks Forum highlighted in the news

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) - This week's Libyan newspapers gave extensive coverage to the dialogue of members of the 5 + 5 Joint Military Commission which held its first meeting on Libyan soil in the Oasis of Ghadames in the south-west of the country, consolidating the consensus that emerged after the signing of the permanent ceasefire agreement in Geneva.

The Libyan press was also interested in the approach of the Forum of Inter-Libyan political talks, scheduled for November 9 in Tunis, intended to draw up a roadmap for a transition in the country and the setting of a date for the organization of general elections under the supervision of a new executive authority to be chosen by Libyans.

The Al-Wassat newspaper wrote that the direction of the Libyan crisis points to the path of solution after a successful military meeting between the two parties to the conflict, which was held last week in the city of Ghadames, for the first time in Libya, under the auspices of the United Nations Support Mission, and the difficult road to Tunisia remains to be completed, where a Political Dialogue Forum is being held to end the crisis and enshrine a political future for the country on November 9.

With international reception after the backwaters were stirred in the context of Libyan reconciliation, the newspaper said Washington warned of what it described as "a small group that seeks to undermine dialogue and to plunder the wealth of Libya, and to give priority to its personal interests with the help of certain external parties".

The Al-Wassat newspaper reported that the positive indications coming from Ghadames have led many Libyans to be optimistic about what will happen in Tunisia, with many discussions on the perception that the Forum could lead to the organization of elections and the system of government in the country.

The Acting Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General in Libya, Stephanie Williams, according to the newspaper, expressed the hope that "the political class will reach the same level of national responsibility that we have seen among members of the mixed Military Commission".           

Restating the terms of the agreement, the newspaper wrote that it was mentioned in the document of the Joint Military Commission, that a military subcommittee to oversee the return of forces to their headquarters and the withdrawal of foreign forces from the lines of contact, adding that this sub-committee will hold its first meeting in Sirte in the presence of the 5 + 5 Commission in the near future with the presence of the UN Mission.

The 5 + 5 Military Commission has agreed to meet in the city of Sirte as soon as possible during this month, the Al-Wassat newspaper said, specifying that it also agreed to follow-up measures, including the presence of international observers, the determination of the work of the Joint Security Commission to put in place security arrangements in the specified area, the placement of its main headquarters in the Ouagadougou hall complex in the city of Sirte.

The newspaper added that the 5 + 5 Military Commission also decided that the headquarters of the sub-committee on security arrangements be located in the cities of Houn and Sirte. The first unification meeting of the body of the guard of the oil installations will be held on November 16 in the town of Brega (East), in the presence of the commander of the guard of the oil installations, the director of the Libyan National Oil Company and the United Nations Mission, and to transmit the results of its work to the 5 + 5 committee.

The exchange of prisoners subcommittee will continue its work until the case is completed, the newspaper said, citing the agreement which states that it was agreed to form engineering teams to demine, in cooperation with the United Nations team and the General Intelligence Service, to work immediately for the resumption of periodic air flights to Sebha and Ghadames, with rapid rehabilitation of the airports if necessary.

The Al-Wassat newspaper reported that the Joint Military Commission 5 + 5 will set up a committee specializing in monitoring and combating hate speech by specialists and in cooperation with the UN Mission, and of a civilian nature, calling on the Security Council to speed up the adoption of a binding resolution to implement the provisions of the Geneva Agreement signed on October 23, 2020.

Addressing preparations for the Tunis Talks Forum, the Afrigatenews newspaper reported, citing a knowledgeable Libyan source, that a consultation session in Bouznika, Morocco, was held between the Libyan House of Representatives (Parliament) and the High Council of State aimed at preparing the Tunis dialogue meetings and bringing them to a conclusion.

Afrigatenews added, citing a Libyan diplomatic source, that the consultation focused on the transition period, which was set for one and a half years, and the tasks of the executive authority during this transition phase, of which the most important is the work of organizing the presidential and prosecution elections, and the criteria for assuming positions of sovereignty.                    

Representatives of the Libyan Parliament and the High Council of State also debated, in Bouznika, according to the newspaper, the most important points to remember for the success of the Libyan political dialogue.

According to the newspaper, the participants stressed the "the importance of a political dialogue and the will to sustain its course and increase its chances of success".

The newspaper said the document reminded members of the two dialogue teams, "of the importance for the Council of State and the House of Representatives to take responsibility by preserving the democratic path and embodying full Libyan ownership of the political process, in order to achieve the desired objectives of the dialogue, mainly by unifying state institutions and enabling the executive branch to prepare for the conduct of legislative and presidential elections on a constitutional basis ".

Returning to the Tunis meeting, the Al-Wassat newspaper reported that the countdown to the Libyan Dialogue Forum in Tunis has started, following the discussion on what the new political step will be, a movement to another transitional period requiring a unified executive authority before going to the elections, or the acceleration of the implementation of the agendas before agreeing on a constitutional basis in which the people can consult.

The newspaper reported that as the UN and international efforts focus on implementing a percentage of the military path agreement to impose it and then reach the stage related to political dialogue, from which a decisive choice is awaited, either an agreement to go to the elections, or a political blockage in the option of a new phase of transition.

The Forum, which will be attended by 75 Libyan personalities, will focus on a political roadmap for the near future, and the main objective will be to set a date and a roadmap for holding general elections, the newspaper concluded, citing the UN official, Stephanie Williams.

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