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Libya: Flights resume at international Maitigua airport

Tripoli, Libya (PANA) – Commercial flights resumed on Sunday at the international Maitigua airport, eastern Tripoli, after months of suspension following the closure of the Libyan air space sparked by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Libyan state-own airline, Libyan Airlines, announced it was preparing to launch a flight from the international Maitigua airport to the Turkish capital, Istanbul, this Sunday, the first flight for the airline after a period of closure of the airport.

The airline posted via its website photos preparations of the equipment of the Flight LN192 of the Company, praising the staff of the airport.

On 4 August, the Office of the airport of the Government of National Accord announced the suspension of all services of the commercial airlines from the international Misrata airport (220 km east of Tripoli) and the resumption of commercial flights from the international Maitigua airport from Sunday 9 August.

-0- PANA BY/BEH/MSA/VAO 9Aug2020