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Liberia: ECOWAS, UN to deploy 70 Monitors for June 7 protest

Monrovia, Liberia - The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the United Nations (UN) plan to deploy 70 monitors for the June 7 demonstrations in protest against misbehaviour by state security, Liberian Police Chief disclosed Thursday.


Inspector General Patrick Sudue told a press briefing at the Liberian Ministry of information that the UN, which will provide 50 monitors with 20 coming from ECOWAS, said the observers will be reporting negative and suspicions acts of individuals during the protest.


A group comprising mainly opposition political parties and calling itself the Council of Patriots announced about a month ago that it would stage a street protest to petition the government over grievances regarding the state of affairs in the country.


Given the history of street protests in Liberia, the pronouncement has sparked fear and tension in the country, leading two human rights groups to urge the Supreme Court to rule on the issue of the street protest.


Early this week, the Court granted the planners of the protest the constitutional right to assemble but in effect ruled out the street protest.  


Addressing the press, the Liberian Police Chief explained that the police are working with ECOWAS, UN and the media to see how best every citizen is protected across the capital Monrovia, the epicentre of the protest.


He said on Thursday the police will display across the Liberian capital a show of strength and readiness to provide security for the businesses and residents of the city on Friday, June 7.


Sudue assured that the assembly will end at 15:00 hrs after the petitioners have presented their petition to the government.


President George Weah has designated his Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor, to receive the petition from the Council of Patriots on the grounds of the Liberian Parliament, the designated venue for the ceremony.


The Liberian leader has also instructed that all government offices be open and civil servants present at work to serve the public and keep the government functional.

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