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Government orders federal police to put down clashes in Sudan's seaport

Khartoum, Sudan (PANA) - The Sudanese government Wednesday issued stern instructions to restore law and order at its sea port, Port Sudan, where two ethnic groups clashed, leaving dozens dead or injured, an official source said.

Prime Minister Dr. Abdalla Hamdouk ordered the beefing up of security and police presence in the town, where the two groups, the Nuba from far south western Sudan, and the Bani Amir, from far north eastern Sudan, clashed.

The clashes spread over a number of living quarters seemed to be above the capacity of the local police, thus central reserve troops were rushed to the Red Sea port.

Port Sudan is a thriving sea port with work environment that brings together workers from different parts of the country.

The clashes between workers from different areas, coming in close vicinity with apparently different communal values, has led to intermittent clashes in Port Sudan and Kasala towns.

But pro-government analysts have blamed remnants of the defunct regime of trying to flare up sedition and clashes, in a bid to make the country ungovernable for Hamdouk.

This is the third major clash between the two groups since Hamdouk took over as prime Minister.

In the first two incidents, the agile Rapid Support Forces were sent to the region to quell the fighting and restore order.

This time, the prime minister ordered the ethnic-affiliation blind central reserve troops to move in and handle the situation.

Medical reports spokes of over 40 injured and over 100 killed.

The official numbers fall well below these figures


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