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FIFA president declares FIFA Arab Cup here to stay

Al Bayt, Qatar (PANA) - As a thrilling inaugural edition of the FIFA Arab Cup concluded on Saturday with Algeria defeating Tunisia 2-0 in the final after extra time, FIFA President Gianni Infantino, has confirmed that the tournament is here to stay.

Sixteen teams from Africa and Asia battled it out for the first trophy on the pathway to the first final at Al Bayt Stadium and Mr Infantino told newsmen, prior to the final, that the tournament has a role to play in uniting people from across the regions in the future.

He said “We will make it possible, under the umbrella of FIFA. FIFA Arab Cup will continue. It has to continue [because] it’s such a successful event.”

“It is proof of what football can do, bringing continents together, bringing people together, bringing countries together, bringing fans together, and bringing players together,” the FIFA President continued.

“This joy, this emotion, which we have been feeling throughout this tournament - not only in Qatar but in the entire Arab World and all over the world.”

“We will discuss how and under which conditions, but it will continue with the best players playing in this competition,” Infantino added.  

The final, which attracted a crowd of 60,456, also included a half-time ceremony where the FIFA President made an on-the-pitch medal presentation to a group of frontline health workers who have been supporting the local effort to tackle coronavirus.

“It was great to have the opportunity to meet with people who have been making sacrifices to ensure that our society can continue to function beyond COVID,” the FIFA President said.

“They have told us to put health first and I commend them for their tireless commitment and dedication during these difficult times," he added.

-0- PANA VAO 19Dec2021