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European Greens welcome inter-Libyan agreements in Bouznika

Brussels, Belgium (PANA) - The Greens group in the European Parliament on Thursday welcomed Morocco's mediation in the inter-Libyan dialogue.

"We congratulate Morocco's intermediation, a partner of Europe and a regional player, which here demonstrates its diplomatic scope," said European Parliamentarian Mounir Satouri in a tweet on behalf of the Green Group.

"I welcome the agreement reached by the delegations of the High Council of State and the Parliament during the second round of inter-Libyan dialogue in Bouznika (October 2-6). This step is decisive", welcomed the French MEP in charge of the Libyan dossier within his political group.

"These agreements are decisive for the choice of the holders of the posts of sovereignty and this is in accordance with article 15 of the Skhirat agreement", he said, expressing his disposition with his colleagues of the European Parliament to ensure that Europe supports this decisive stage in Bouznika and assumes its role in the way out of the crisis.

A second round of inter-Libyan dialogue was organised from 2-6 October in Bouznika.

In the declaration, endorsed by this meeting held under the auspices of the UN, the delegations of the High Council of State and the House of Representatives of Libya announced comprehensive deals on the criteria and mechanisms for occupying the positions of sovereignty provided for by Article 15 of the Libyan Political Agreement of Skhirat.