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Ethiopian crisis: UN chief concerned about 'unspeakable' violence in Tigray

New York, US (PANA) - UN chief António Guterres has expressed grave concern about the situation in Ethiopia, particularly the “unspeakable violence” against women and others in Tigray.

The Secretary-general was speaking in New York on Thursday on World Humanitarian Day.

He recognised humanitarians “and the many millions of people they strive to help everyday”.

He described the misery of the Ethiopian people, and the “hellish” humanitarian conditions they are facing, with millions in need and infrastructure destroyed.

The spread of the conflict, he added, has "ensnared even more people in its horror".

“Now is the time to put an end to the suffering,” stressed Mr. Guterres. “It is time for all parties to recognise that there is no military solution, and it is vital to preserve the unity and stability of Ethiopia which is critical to the region and beyond."

To “give peace a chance” in Ethiopia, the Secretary-General appealed for action on three fronts: an immediate end to hostilities; guaranteed, unrestricted humanitarian access, together with the re-establishment of public services in all affected areas; and the creation of conditions that “allow for the start of an Ethiopian-led political dialogue to find a solution for the crisis”.

“Such a dialogue can contribute to addressing the underlying causes of the conflict and ensure Ethiopian voices direct the pathway to peace," the UN chief explained, calling each of these steps “critical” to a peaceful settlement. Mr. Guterres assured journalists that the UN continues to have a humanitarian presence in and near Tigray, although there is a lack of full humanitarian access.

The UN chief added that the UN would continue to work together with the African Union and other partners “to support the Ethiopian people on the way to peace and reconciliation”.

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