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Ethiopian Crisis: Ethiopian military says four top Tigray leaders killed, nine captured

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) -  The Ethiopian National Defence Force (NDF) announced on Thursday that it has killed four top leaders of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) and captured nine others. 

The official Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) quoted the NDF’s Deployment Department Head, Brigadier General Tesfaye Ayalew, as saying that they were hiding in caves and forests.  

Those killed included TPLF spokesperson Sekoture Getachew, ENA said.

It added that the former Ethiopian Television and Broadcast Authority General Director, Zeray Asgedom; former Director-General of Ethiopian Television and Broadcast Authority, Zeray Asgedom; head of Dimtsi Woyane Radio and Television, Abebe Asgedom; and head of the Tigray Regional Finance Bureau, Daniel Assefa, have been killed "together with their drivers and bodyguards".

ENA said the nine TPLF officials captured, are former Tigray Regional Council Speaker, Kidusan Nega; former head of Regional Urban Development Bureau and Addis Ababa City Transport Bureau head, Dr. Solomon Kidane; former Chief Executive Officer of Relief Society of Tigray, Teklewoyni Assefa, and former head of Regional Trade Bureau, Gebremedihin Tewolde.

Others are former head of Regional Transport Bureau, Woldegeorgis Desta; former Ethiopian Ambassador to Sudan, Abadi Zemu; former head of Melese Zenawi Leadership Academy and Board Chairman of EFFORT, Tewodros Hagos; former Legal advisor to the Council of Tigray Region, Mihiret Teklay and former head of Regional Properties and Purchase, Birhane Adem Muhammed.

The Ethiopian military launched an offensive against the Tigray regional administration on 4 November after the armed forces under the command of the Tigray state administration launched an offensive against federal government forces.

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