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Ethiopia reaffirms military operation to continue until 'rule of law is upheld'

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (PANA) - The government of Ethiopia has reaffirmed once again that there would be "no negotiation until the rule of law is upheld" and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) brought to justice.

The state-owned Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) quoted the State of Emergency Access to Information Secretary, Redwan Hussien, as saying “any mediation would incentivize impunity”.

Redwan said that "equating the government to any sub-national entity that threatens the very existence of the country would actually elevate such impunity; and if impunity rises in Ethiopia the country would not exist".

Violence erupted at the start of the month in Tigray involving federal and local forces, following the reported takeover of an army base in the Tigrayan capital, Mekelle, which prompted the prime minister to order a military offensive. 

Prior to the Tigray escalation, dozens of people in western Oromia region were killed and injured in attacks.

The Ethiopian Federal Government has also declared a six-month state of emergency in the Tigray Region, whose government is controlled by TPLF.

Redwan said there was the need to understand the context of the country.

”This is not a matter of being averse to negotiation. It is not because we’re averse to roundtable and civil cordial discussion; but until the rule of law is upheld, until the very gang (TPLF) is brought to justice, there is no way we can ensure civil order in any country and in Ethiopia.”

Citing the short term operation as a crucial move for the overall stability of the nation, Redwan said, “We are saying give us time because it is not going to take too much time; it would not last to eternity. The operation is a very short operation the people of Tigray understand.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Abiy has said his government is ready to receive and reintegrate our fellow Ethiopians fleeing to neighboring countries.

In a tweet on Tuesday, the Prime Minister said: "We vow to our innocent civilians that have fled, to protect their property, enable humanitarian support by the ENDF (Ethiopia National Defence Force) and guarantee their peace upon return."

Nearly 25,000 refugees fleeing the fighting in Ethiopia's Tigray Region have arrived in two states in Sudan.

The Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reported on Sunday that 24,944 Ethiopian refugees had arrived in the Gedaref and Kassala states.

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