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DR Congo: President Felix Tshisekedi promises to settle shortly in Goma

Kinshasa, DR Congo (PANA) - President Felix Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo Thursday promised to settle shortly in Goma, North-Kivu, to personally look into security issues in this part of the country.

The president said this while addressing a news conference at the end of his visit to Goma where he held talks with delegates and several political leaders.

According to him, getting to know all problems in the region enabled him to understand that there were too many things that required very particular and close attention so that “the brain of hope, peace, stability and economic revival” observed in the region “materializes itself into reality” for the benefit of the entire country.  

“I held many talks with all the political and social forces of Goma and its nearby areas. I received the national and provincial elected. Yesterday, I even received a delegation from South-Kivu with whom we held successful talks. I obviously met with the Governors of North-Kivu, South-Kivu and Maniema.

"I identified all the problems of the region. I can even say today many things today, what brought me to make the decision to come back in a few weeks to reside here for a long time so that the brain of hope can become reality. The brain of hope, stability and economic revival,” he said.

Seeing the dynamism that characterizes the populations of the sub-region who are fighting to live despite the suffering, President Tshisekedi said he was reassured that total peace would boost national economy from this part of the country.

“It is really more than a duty to eradicate this crisis which prevails in North-Kivu, Ituri and South-Kivu and actually put our populations in security once and for all. That’s why I will be here, next to you,” said Tshisekedi who announced larger talks will all groups for the return of peace.

He promised to use the DRC armed forces (FARDC) to impose peace on the eastern part of the country.

“The army will be our instrument to impose peace and security to protect all territories,” he said.


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