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Congo urged to redouble efforts to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS

Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) - The Congolese government was urged on Monday by UNAIDS Country Representative, Baruani Yuma Kilundu, to redouble efforts to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV/AIDS in order to achieve the 3/90 strategy by 2030.

Low management of children with access to antiretroviral treatment under 20 per cent could prevent Congo from eliminating the pandemic by 2030.

To this end, he said, UNAIDS continues to work with national partners to improve percentages, in order to approach the agency's ambition to encourage communities to know their HIV status, to make antiretroviral treatment accessible and to eliminate the viral load of people receiving antiretroviral treatment.

The UNAIDS Representative made this statement on Health and Well-being Day open to UN System staff to enable them to engage in physical activities to prevent heart disease, diabetes, blood pressure and many others.

The day was marked by the practice of sport and was part of the activities to fight HIV/AIDS.

The goal was to encourage these staff to test for HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis B to encourage others to get tested and get the message of free treatment.

In Congo, nearly 100,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS and 60 per cent of patients have access to antiretroviral treatment.

Pregnant women living with HIV with access to treatment account for nearly 35 per cent and 36 per cent of their children are not living with HIV.  

The country director also listed his organization's aid to Congo in the fight against the pandemic.

These include the endowment of a state-of-the-art practical tool, a national strategic framework that covers the period from 2019 to 2022, and the raising of capital from the Global Fund.   

People living with the disease deserve special attention and community solidarity with social acceptance or they will live in hiding with the risk of disease contamination.

"Knowledge of HIV status allows you to better manage your life and to install adequate care. Being declared HIV-positive does not mean that life has stopped. AIDS is a chronic disease that can be worked without problems. Everyone can avoid it and catch it," the UN AIDS official said.

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