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Congo: Rwandan refugee file in Congo closed, Rwandan ambassador says

Brazzaville, Congo (PANA) - Rwanda's ambassador to Congo, Jean-Baptiste Habyarimana, said here Wednesday the file of Rwandan refugees in Congo was closed at the level of the tripartite between the two countries and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

“It is a file closed since December 2019. Now what remains, these Rwandans have become Rwanda-Congolese, because, having lived for about twenty years and have integrated socio-economically, and are not worried by the brother country. They have to regularize their administrative situation," said the Rwandan diplomat, after a meeting with the President of the Congolese Senate, Pierre Ngolo.

According to Habyarimana, these Rwandans must be in possession of documents that replace the previous or former ones. They must have documents that will allow them to integrate indefinitively.

He said that if they want to continue the steps to claim their Congolese nationality, these Rwandan nationals are required to go through normalization, regularization of their documents.

At the end of his diplomatic mission, Habyarimana discussed with the president of the Senate the relations existing between the two states.

In February 2019, the president of the Rwandan Senate paid a working visit to Congo during which a cooperation agreement was signed between the two countries.

“We exchanged especially on this cooperation, it is even the vision of the two Senates,” concluded the Rwandan diplomat.


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