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Congo: Brazzaville to host forum of ECCAS parliamentarians on nutrition in November

Brazzaville, Congo (PANA)   -   The Speaker of the Congolese Parliament, Isidore Mvouba, at the opening of its seventh ordinary session here Thursday announced that Congo would from 19 - 21 November host the forum of parliamentarians from the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS) on food and nutritional security.

The forum, organised by the Congolese parliamentarian alliance for food and nutritional security (Apcsan), in partnership with the UN Food and Agricultural Organization and other UN agencies, will be held on the theme “Zero Hunger Goal: Role and Responsibility of the Parliamentarian in Central Africa”.

“It is about a major innovation that concerns the essence of human life, food and nutrition. Man eats to live; he does not live to eat. Eating is good but eating well is better,” said the chairman of Apcsan, Isidore Mvouba.

The meeting, the first of its kind on the continent, is based among other aspects on the Madrid Declaration for the global summit against hunger and malnutrition.

It aims at the establishment of a sub-regional platform of parliamentarians for the promotion of viable and durable agriculture, vector of improvement of food and nutritional security for Central African populations.

Within the framework of the preparations of the talks, a workshop was held on 12-13 June in Brazzaville, which brought together about 40 participants at the decision making level for parliamentarians, key ministerial departments, nutrition specialists, civil society, the private sector, the media and the UN partners. Participants will come from Cameroun, Gabon, Democratic Republic of Congo and host nation Congo.

 The main theme of the forum will deal with the right for sufficient, sound and safe food and nutrition; the legislator facing the problem of the fight against malnutrition; and the role of the parliamentarian in the investment and financing of food and nutritional security, among others.


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