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Chief of Staff of Burkina Faso Army encourages troops engaged in operation "Dance on the Ant Hill"

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso (PANA) - The Chief of General Staff of the Burkina Faso Armed Forces, Brigadier General Moïse Miningou, and French Force Commander Barkhane Saturday visited soldiers of the Forward Command Post engaged in operation "Dance on the Ant Hill" based in Gorom Gorom in the Sahel, the Burkinabe army said here Monday in a statement.

They were accompanied by the French ambassador to Burkina Faso and several military leaders.

This operation brings together military units composed of the Burkinabe Battalion, the Malian Battalion and the Nigerien Battalion of the Joint Force G5 Sahel, as well as French units of the Barkhane Force.

“Reducing the freedom of movement of armed terrorist groups and destroying their logistical plots are, among other things, the objectives of this operation," the army said, pointing out that the day's guests were received by officers of the forward Command Post (CP) and their men.

"After the briefing on the operation by the Operations Centre, the two generals welcomed the spirit of partnership that allowed the good coordination of the action of the troops on the ground and provided sound advice to the officers of the CP," noted the statement.

General Miningou then met with the Burkinabe troops engaged in the operation, expressing his satisfaction and encouraging them to always keep the posture of operational soldiers, according to the statement.

It is recalled that Operation "Dance on the Ant Hill" began on 10 January and was part of Operation "SAMA" led by the G5 Sahel Joint Force and conducted in coordination with Operation Eclipse.


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