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Burundi: Results and classification of League A football championship

Bujumbura, Burundi (PANA) - Following are the results and classification of men's national football championship League A of Burundi for Day 27 played Saturday and Sunday: Rukinzo FC - Musongati FC 2-2 Inter Star - Ngozi City 1-1 Kayanza United - Center Torch 1-1 Vital’O FC - Messenger Ngozi 0-0 Les Lierres - Athletico Academy 1-3 Bujumbura City - Bujumbura FC 3-3 Burundi Sport Dynamic - Black Eagle 4-1 Olympic Star - Lydia Ludic Burundi 6-0 Ranking: 1st Le Messager Ngozi 55 pts, 2nd Musongati FC 51 pts, 3rd Burundi sport Dynamic 42 pts, 4th Black Eagle 41 pts, 5th Vital'O FC 41 pts, 6th Flambeau du Center 41 pts, 7th Bujumbura City 37 pts, 8th Bumamuru FC 35 pts, 9th Inter Star 35 pts, 10th Rukinzo FC 35 pts, 11th Athletico Olympic 34 pts, 12th OLYMPIC Star 33 pts, 13th Kayanza United 33 pts, 14th Lydia Ludic Burundi 29 pts, 15th Ngozi City 22 pts and 16th Les Lierres 20 pts
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