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Botswana reiterates position on lifted hunting ban

Gaborone, Botswana (PANA) - The authorities in Botswana have continued to fight international condemnation following its decision last year to lift a hunting ban.

Alice Mmolawa, spokesperson for the Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, on Monday said the decision to lift the hunting moratorium is the sovereign right and decision of Botswana.

“The Ministry will like to remind all interested parties, including those who have persisted in telling falsehoods about Botswana’s conservation and hunting programme, that the decision to lift the hunting moratorium was based on a democratic, consultative and nationwide process of affected stakeholders," she said.

Mmolawa said the controlled hunting programme will generate significant conservation benefits and support to community livelihoods that have been devoid since the implementation of the hunting moratorium.

She said the Department of Wildlife and National Parks is presently undergoing all the necessary steps to roll out the controlled hunting programme for 2020.

Mmolawa further said the department is working diligently to ensure the controlled hunting programme is guided by the highest ethical standards and principles of science-based sustainability.

She said the controlled hunting programme will be founded on strict implementation standards for conservation and community benefits.

"Benefits to communities will go beyond immediate cash benefits and expand into building infrastructure and capacity within communities,” she said.

Last year, Botswana announced the lifting of the hunting moratorium following an extensive nationwide consultative process.

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