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Benin minister calls for social dialogue that promotes development

Cotonou, Benin (PANA) – The Beninese minister of Labour and Civil Service, Mrs Adidjatou Mathys, on Tuesday called for a social dialogue that promotes development.

She was speaking at the second general assembly of the francophone social dialogue international, that opened on Monday in the Benin capital, Cotonou, on the theme: "Social dialogue, public policies, labour migration and informal economy."

"…For social dialogue to have true impact on development, it must be based on a global approach that transcends the traditional concerns of the world of labour linked to salaries and the improvement of working conditions. It should encompass other issues related to new social themes such as social protection, education, health care, child labour, collective negotiation and digital science policy,’’ said Mrs Mathys.

Mrs Mathys deplored the social crises that broke out over the past few years in Francophone African countries characterised by sustained strikes.

"Those strikes will, of course, have negative consequences such as the deterioration of the quality of public services, shortage of productivity, and non-competitiveness of companies," she said. She added that there is no prosperity and well-being without economic growth, and sustained long-term economic growth cannot exist without social dialogue.

In that respect, she urged governments to make common efforts to promote and strengthen fertile social dialogue that profits everybody. "In my opinion, we must contribute mutually to the regional initiatives of sharing of values and strategies that can lead to the achievement of the common socio-economic goals of our countries," she said.

The conference, which opened on Monday has brought together representatives from about 20 francophone countries. It aims to "improve and make more inclusive the participation of social partners in discussion of public policies, particularly in terms of job creation, labour migration and informal economy".

Held in collaboration with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the Dutch International Cooperation Agency (CNV).
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