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Benin formally outdoors new leadership for armed forces

Cotonou, Benin (PANA) - The headquarters of the Beninese army Friday held an inauguration ceremony for new officers following their appointment by the Council of Ministers, official sources said here.

Appointed at the last council of ministers, the new leaders of the various Beninese army staffs officially took office, promising to work to improve security throughout the national territory.

The General Staff of the Beninese army is headed by Brigadier-General Fructueux Candide Ahodegnon Gbaguidi, while the Army Staff is headed by Brigadier-General Abou Issa.

The Air Force staff is headed by Colonel Hermann William Avocanh, previously Chief of Staff of the National Guard, entrusted to Colonel Codjo François Amoussou.

In the Navy, Captain Jean Léon Olatoundji replaces Captain Abert Ezin Badou as head of the staff of this unit for a more relentless fight against maritime piracy.

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