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Benin: Communist Party wants soldiers well motivated in fight against terrorists

Cotonou, Benin (PANA) - The Communist Party of Benin (PCB), has called for the motivation of Beninese soldiers to enable them effectively fight against terrorism, following the loss of life during the recent attacks in the north of the country.

"What is important for an army is certainly the equipment, but above all the morale. The vital question that we must ask ourselves as leaders today is: can the material and moral conditions that are made to our soldiers encourage heroism, to fight at the cost of their lives if necessary?

In other words, are our soldiers motivated?" asked the PCB in a press release issued Friday.

The party urgently recommends to the defence and security forces, "The immediate raising of soldiers' emoluments, including bonuses and other allowances for risk and heroism, which means the restoration (with increase and immediate effect) of various bonuses for military and paramilitary personnel that the Rupture government has removed.

The party also suggested the citation of the nation's homage as well as decorations in the National Order of Benin, with financial effect for those entitled to them, of the brave sons who have fallen in the field of honour as well as those who have distinguished themselves on the battlefield.

The adoption of a legislative text instituting "the status of ward of the nation" for the benefit of the heirs of brothers in arms who fell in the exercise of duty, are, among others, measures that will certainly restore the value of the "noble and exalting" profession of arms, which, according to the PCB, has been devalued by the various governments and particularly the current one.

The party recalls that at the presentation of greetings last January, the Chief of General Staff of the Beninese Armed Forces informed the Beninese authorities of the demands of the troops, in particular, the adoption of a legislative text establishing the status of award of the nation for the benefit of the beneficiaries of their fallen in the exercise of duty, social measures in favour of military and paramilitary personnel.

The party deplores the fact that the latest decisions of the extraordinary council of the government are largely below the great threats that currently weigh on the country and the people.

Before 2016, military personnel received quarterly bonuses equivalent to 18% of their salaries and a sum of 100,000 francs, bonuses that were removed upon the advent of the current regime.

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