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Angola: Angola turns 40 years as Africa Union member

Luanda, Angola (PANA) - The Republic of Angola turns 40 years on Friday, 12 February, 2016, since it was admitted as the 46th member of the African Union (AU), according to the latest information from the African Union.

It said that "After independence, on 11 November 1975, and the establishment of the first Government of the Republic of Angola, the current head of State, José Eduardo dos Santos, was then appointed Foreign minister, to lead the diplomatic campaign, at a time when the territory was threatened by invading armies from neighboring Zaire and South Africa.

The result of an intense diplomatic struggle, led by dos Santos, was that Angola was recognized and admitted on 12 February 1976, as the 46th member of the African Union, before becoming a United Nations member in December that year.

The AU said that during that period, about 80 countries (first Brazil) recognized the then Government of the People's Republic of Angola, 40 of which African nations.
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