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African Civil Society condemns Guinea's post-election violence

Conakry, Guinea (PANA) - The delegation of the Coordination of the International Mission of Observers of African Civil Society (COMISCA) on Wednesday condemned the post-election violence in Guinea.

In a statement issued in Conakry, COMISCA condemned "with firmness and rigour, the incivility of candidate Cellou Dalein Diallo" who, it deplored, "rushed to proclaim himself the winner of the poll on Monday, in violation of the Guinean electoral law" and which seeks to drag the country into chaos against the will of the people.

It urged all stakeholders in the electoral process to overcome political differences through peaceful means and to act resolutely to denounce and unambiguously reject incitement to hatred in any form whatsoever.

Through its head of mission, Burkinabe Saidou Compaoré, COMISCA, which arrived in Guinea a week before the elections, and which deployed 15 international observers, welcomed the general climate of peace in which this election took place, despite divisions within the political class.

Despite minor technical and organisational malfunctions, the mission, which also observed last March's legislative and referendum, said the Guinean people, until the completion of the vote counting operations, won the bet to hold a peaceful, transparent and inclusive election.

The COMISCA said that the vote on 18 October was free, transparent and fair.

The election observation delegation of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which deployed 116 observers, made the same observation.

It recommended to the government, among other things, for the next elections, to distribute voter cards on time, and adopt, as soon as possible, measures to ensure the monitoring, storage and computerized updating of all data in the electoral register.

The general objective of COMISCA is part of the promotion of credible elections and good governance in Africa.

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